Sexual And Child Sexual Assault Charges

Do you want an attorney who just reads the law or one who helped write it? Child Sexual Assault Charges such as Possession of Child Pornography, Sexual Assault of a Child and Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child along with Adult Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges are some of the most serious allegations with some of the highest stakes in the Criminal Justice System.

Did you know that Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child and Super Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges are some of the only other charges besides Capital Murder where you can be sentenced to Life without Parole? Justin was asked to helped advise legislators when they overhauled Child Sex Abuse laws back in 2007. The bottom line is Justin KNOWS the law in child sex abuse cases better than almost anyone because he helped write it. He knows the loopholes and issues with these cases. Justin knows these cases come with serious ramifications if you’re convicted including lifetime registration as a Sex Offender. Justin never lost a child abuse case as a prosecutor but also knows that there are many moving parts to these cases and in many cases – there are motivations for children to lie or make up false allegations Justin knows that because he dismissed some of those cases as a prosecutor. He knows what to look for and how to dig to get to the truth in your case.