Some people think being charged with a misdemeanor is no big deal. Think again. While the maximum range of punishment is 1 year in the county jail and/or a $4,000 fine, convictions of certain misdemeanors are worse than having a felony on your record. You need to take that misdemeanor charge seriously and fight it just as hard. Even a deferred probation for domestic violence and assault family violence means you can never own a firearm again – even though you were not even convicted! Some misdemeanors, upon multiple convictions, may even require registration as a sex offender. You need a lawyer who knows that misdemeanors matter too and will treat them and fight them just as hard as if you were charged with a first degree felony.

It doesn’t matter whether it is prostitution, theft, assault family violence, driving while intoxicated (“DWI”), indecent exposure, possession of marihuana, possession of a controlled substance, or any other type of misdemeanor – you need a fighter in your corner!