Expunctions And Expunging Your Case

In certain situations, you’re permitted to actually have your case completely erased and deleted from your criminal history. This is called an expunction and it actually happens in a Civil Court Proceeding and not in a Criminal Court.

Here are some situations where you may have the ability to expunge your case

  • The Grand Jury no billed your case and it was subsequently dismissed
  • You were found not guilty at trial
  • Your case was dismissed by the Assistant District Attorney and was never refiled
  • Your case was reversed on appeal
  • You were granted and entered into a pre-trial diversion program (mainly for crimes such as theft, driving while intoxicated, prostitution, and theft) and you successfully completed it which resulted in your case being dismissed (time frame depends on what your contract with the DA’s Office says)
  • You were arrested but never charged for an offense