Asset Forfeiture

Did the Government seize your money or property? Did they take something that doesn’t belong to them? The Government is great at taking your hard earned money and property. They see big dollar signs to support their overblown budgets and want to buy new equipment and pay for their pet projects with your hard earned money. Don’t let them!

Justin Keiter has recovered tens of thousands of dollars for clients and property such as guns and watches. Don’t let law enforcement seize your property or money without a fight! Fight back! Call Keiter the fighter! These cases are usually filed in civil court which means they can seize your property even if criminal charges are never filed. Most of the time, the burden is on the Government to prove the money or items they seized via asset forfeiture are proceeds of illegal activity or contraband. Don’t just give them your money or belonging for free! Fight hard and force the government to prove their case.
If your money or property has been seized by the State or Federal Government under asset forfeiture law, you only have a certain amount of time to respond. There are only a few ways the Government can take your hard earned assets and money but there are many ways to fight back. The Government usually tries to seize your money and assets under Chapter 59 or Chapter 18.18 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. The Federal Government also has many different ways to seize your property.

If you fail to respond you could lose your property forever. Don’t let that happen. Justin Keiter will fight for you and in most cases – we only get paid if we are able to recover all or part of what was taken from you.