Early Terminate Probation

So you’ve done everything on your probation but you still have years left and all you’re doing is reporting to your probation officer every month (or even every other month since they’ve placed you on a low risk list). It’s time to file a Motion to Early terminate your probation and put your past behind you.

Early termination is available for almost all criminal offenses except for a few types of cases.

Justin has had tremendous success in early terminating misdemeanors and felonies.

Here are just a few cases where Keiter the fighter has fought hard and successfully gotten his clients off probation early:

  • Felon in Possession of a Weapon (still had a full year left to do)
  • Improper Relationship with a Student (still had three years left to do)
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance (still had 4 years left to do)
  • Robbery (still had 1.5 years left to do)