Petition For Non Disclosure

Did you know that even if you’ve successfully completed your deferred adjudication it is still on your record and available for everyone to see? You may have found out the hard way and that’s why you’re reading this. You may have not gotten that job because of a background check or someone does not want to do business with you because they saw what happened in your past. Your probation could follow you around everywhere. In most situations with felonies and misdemeanors – you can file a petition for nondisclosure and an order for non disclosure so that your record is sealed. That means all those companies that buy information for employee background checks  and personal background searches won’t know you were ever even on probation. Only law enforcement, school districts, hospital districts, and some government agencies will be able to see that you were ever even on probation if you get your record sealed. Don’t let your past hurt your future!

As long as certain legal requirements are met, you’re entitled in many cases to get your record sealed by a petition for nondisclosure immediately. In other cases there could be a two or five-year waiting period from the date you successfully completed your probation.